On Demand production

At Hero, we want to change the clothing industry. Because WAY TOO MUCH CLOTHING is produced. We're going to have to stop and do it smarter. That's why we produce OnDemand, so there is minimal waste in the process. We think that is sustainable🌍


From day one, our dream has been to produce in Denmark directly to the customer.
Therefore, we only use Danish producers, to ensure as responsible a value chain as possible. And the crazy thing is that we are 80% on target.
All trim, such as elastic, prints and hangtags come from Danish manufacturers.
The qualities we use are knitted in Turkey or Portugal, but with Danish owners.

Basically for all our suppliers, they have a very strong sustainable profile. All are of course oeko-tex10 certified, some are Gots certified or the Swan label. And we are very proud of that. Our
tailors are located in various places in Denmark and make clothes based on orders directly for the customer. We call this customized production.

We can proudly write - MADE IN DENMARK and we deliver directly to the customer. It doesn't get any more sustainable!


Our biggest dream is to change the fashion industry. We want to do away with mass production, full stock, poor quality, sales and all that
reality, is the biggest culprit in the textile industry.

Because WAY too much clothing is produced. In fact, twice as much clothing is produced as just 20 years ago. And it MUST stop. Especially because the fashion industry accounts for 8-10% of the world's CO2 emissions
world plan.

If you agree and want to buy a HERO product, you are helping us to make the world just a little greener.

We cannot save the world alone, but we will do everything to create debate and share our knowledge, so that other companies will follow.


We come with over 20 years of experience from the textile industry and have been geeking out on qualities for many years. We have chosen the best high-end qualities. We have had many qualities in our hands. A lot is
been sorted out, and that is the strength we have. We have chosen the best long-stacked fibers in Punto Roma, tencel and the completely exclusive Supima cotton. However, it has been surprisingly difficult to get proper quality. Because there are almost no brands that today prioritize high-end qualities. Therefore, very few manufacturers have these qualities. And that just makes our clothes even more unique.

Let's make a difference

WAY too much clothing is produced in our industry. This has major consequences for our planet and therefore we are taking a new path which we hope can inspire! We produce OnDemand directly to the customer from our sewing room in Denmark. We've chosen qualities that last longer and we don't have sales... But we've made your favorite wardrobe that never goes out of style. We think that is sustainable and the future.