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Vi har valgt at satse på de langstablede fibre, for at sikre at vores produkter ikke tvister i sidesømmene, for at det ikke krymper mere end 3% og for at sikre en bedre farveægthed. Det har været prioritet nummer 1. at vores kvaliteter skulle kunne holde til mange vaske og gensalg. For det mener vi er bæredygtigt.

At Hero, we have chosen to bet on the long-stacked fibres, to ensure that our qualities do not conflict in the side seams, so that they do not shrink or fray and to ensure better color fastness.

It has been priority number 1 that our qualities should be able to withstand many washes and resale. Because we think that is sustainable.

We have chosen to print the care label on the same product by the metre, so that there is nothing that scratches and irritates. We have done the same with the neck label. Because it should be nice to wear our clothes. At the same time, it is also more sustainable, as we did not have to go out and find another supplier with high minimums and another link in our value chain.