Vi har valgt at satse på de langstablede fibre, for at sikre at vores produkter ikke tvister i sidesømmene, for at det ikke krymper mere end 3% og for at sikre en bedre farveægthed. Det har været prioritet nummer 1. at vores kvaliteter skulle kunne holde til mange vaske og gensalg. For det mener vi er bæredygtigt.

At Hero, we have chosen to bet on 3 absolutely fantastic qualities. There have been many important parameters and we have spent many months together with our suppliers to ensure the right qualities.

The qualities had to be very durable and be at level 4 out of 5. Furthermore, it has been extremely important that the colors stay nice after washing. There, we have also gone for color fastness 4 out of 5. Then there is what is called piling level, which most people would probably call some fumbling. We have also gone for level 4 out of 5. Especially the nice trousers, which you can use both for parties and in your free time. Level 1 is the worst and level 5 is the best you can achieve.