At Hero By Ahlgreen we believe everyone can be a hero and everyone can become a hero. By being part of our community you are one step closer to becoming one. It could feel overwhelming to start 'changing the world' only by yourself in such a big world, but together we are more powerful and we can change the world faster.

Being surrounded by like-minded people is inspiring and can lead to powerful ideas and a powerful impact on the world. A hero doesn't always have a microphone and a platform, it can be anyone with a beautiful mind. We are inspired by our HERO community to keep pursuing our mission of making the fashion world greener and helping others in need.

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By signing up, you get a 10% discount code which will be donated to the NGO ''THINK'', when you make your first purchase. We do not believe that the 10% discount will make a real difference to you. But it will for sure help people in need. And if the 10% discount is the reason for you to buy our product, then you should not buy it.