From day one, our dream has been to produce locally in Denmark, directly to the customer. Therefore, we only use Danish producers, to ensure a value chain as responsible as possible. The crazy thing is that we are 80% on target. All trim, such as elastic, prints and hangtags come from Danish manufacturers. The qualities we use are knitted in Turkey or Portugal, but with Danish owners. We make sure that all our suppliers have a very strong sustainable profile, and all of them are, of course, OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified, some are GOTS certified or have the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. We are very proud of that! Our tailors are located in various places in Denmark and make clothes based on orders directly for our customer. We call this customized production. We can proudly write - MADE IN DENMARK and we deliver directly to the customer. It doesn't get any more sustainable!



In contrast to typical fashion brands with large and many collections per year, our business model is completely different. We have one favorite collection, and we run the same high-end qualities.

  • Supima cotton (first-class cotton - lasts longer, does not twist in the side seams, and can be recycled due to the long-staple fibers)
  • Tencel/Supima cotton (feels like silk but is much better in all areas)
  • Punto Roma (a fantastic quality that both holds color and fit wash after wash)

We have been geeking out for many years looking for precisely the qualities that stay nice after washing and use and can be used for many years to come.



We have chosen long-staple cotton fibers, which are called a 60's yarn in technical terms. A 60/2s yarn is much finer than traditional 30/1s yarn. It holds 30-40% better because two threads are spun together, as opposed to one thread. The colorfastness is better because there are fewer impurities in the thread. Also, what we call combed cotton. In the long run, we will go for BCI cotton, which is at least as sustainable as organic cotton. It's just that very few people know it. Additionally, BCI accounts for about 22% of the world's cotton.



Everyone thinks that organic cotton is sustainable. We know that this is not true, and this knowledge is fortunately starting to spread. No materials are sustainable, but some are better than others. In fact, we believe that the long-staple fibers we use are better than organic cotton for several reasons. The long-staple fibers we use are almost impossible to find when we talk about ecology because pests occur in an organic cotton field, and the fibers rarely develop evenly. An organic cotton field is typically only utilized 20%. That means 80% of the field could be used for other plants, which provide more biodiversity. Additionally, 2-3 times more water is used compared to a conventional cotton field because the yield is so low. Organic cotton accounts for only 1% of the total cotton worldwide because of the low yield. But the demand is enormous because it has become a "trend." And it doesn't make sense with the quantities of organic cotton one sees with various brands.




Our clothes are slightly oversized and fit ALL bodies, which is completely unique and not something we see elsewhere. Both large, small, men, and women can wear our clothes. In fact, you can share your wardrobe with your better half if that's what you want. All our clothes can be combined in all sorts of ways, both for parties and everyday wear.



We offer custom-made clothing for those who don't fit our standard sizes. You can add or remove length from our standard sizes. We want to sell clothing that people want to use again and again, and fit is just an important parameter.

We produce one item at a time, directly to the customer. In this way, we ensure a short supply chain and have minimal waste in the process.

We use local tailors to sew our custom-made clothing. We want to support locally and have as little transport and return as possible. Clothes or tailors are not pressured through us. Therefore, it may take up to 6 weeks before you receive your custom-made product. But then you get it 100% as you want it.



The future sustainable wardrobe consists of clothing we use, take care of, and love. What we call our favorite wardrobe. Clothes you love and wear out. But sometimes, our favorite clothes break, and we stop using them, and often, they end up in the trash.

To extend the life of the clothes, we offer free repair of all our clothing. If a seam has gone or an elastic has become slack, we fix it (free of charge).



On our best-selling styles, we run a small warehouse that continuously comes out and lives in physical stores and on our online store. Our dream from the start was not to have a warehouse. But it turned out to be impossible if we wanted to have physical stores. The dream of zero inventory is still there. But it takes time to change the way stores and customers think.



UTG - produces our amazing Punto Roma quality. It is a family-owned business that only focuses on sustainable brands.

Son of a Tailor - supplies our High-End Supima and Tencel qualities and is the first-ever to produce On Demand.

Jetsport - makes all our prints in Viborg. Jetsport is also a family-owned business from Denmark that has been around for many years. They are known to be the best on the market when it comes to high quality. They care about the environment and are both oeko-tex100 and GOTS certified.

Elas A/S - produces our elastics, which we have in our pants. Elas is another Danish family-owned business from Herning that has been around for over 50 years. They are known for their high quality standards and are oeko-tex100 certified.

Basis-tryk og skilte Aps - makes all of our hangtags and thank-you cards. Basis-tryk is also an old Danish company located in the northern part of Jutland (Dronninglund), which places great emphasis on the environment, quality, and high service level. Perhaps a small supplier for us, but one of those who has made the greatest impression regarding their passion for sustainability. Of course, they are both Oeko-Tex 100 and Nordic Swan Ecolabel certified.


Tailors or Retailers

At Hero By Ahlgreen our mission is to sell amazing, long lasting and as sustainable products as possible. Less waste, less mistakes, less transportation and amazing service.

If you want to become a HERO partner then text us at:

We will then check your company and if we see a match, we will sent you our pricelist and set up a physical meeting (if possible).