HeroByAhlgreen – The collection - the vision:

As the years have passed, clothing production in general, but especially within fast fashion, has increased tremendously. Imagine a world only with sustainable designs that do not target collections and seasons. But, on the other hand, makes long-lasting design with respect for craftsmanship and good materials.

Each and every style in the collection is designed based on children being active. We have chosen the best materials that allow freedom of movement in the clothes, so they don't have to think about them being tight and uncomfortable to wear.

We therefore only use jersey and sweat by the meter. The collection is designed on the basis that it can be mixed with your current wardrobe. That you can style it in many different ways. You can style it for everyday life or parties. You can style it wild or basic.

We have also chosen to remove the woven neck label and care label, which are always in the way and feel uncomfortable. We print it all on the item by the meter, so that nothing gets scratched. At the same time, we utilize the metered goods even more. We think that is sustainable.


It all started with a dream to create a sustainable youth clothing brand and develop our children's favorite wardrobe. In other words, the same 8 styles that the kids wear again and again. The qualities had to be pleasant to wear and last for many washes and uses.

But it was also a big dream to create a collection that didn't have to be renewed all the time. Because we wanted to create a brand where things made sense. 180 styles, a minimum of 4 times a year, which most fashion brands run with, does not. And it is in no way sustainable. In fact, it's just the opposite. Hear more about what we have done to be as sustainable as possible: https://herobyahlgreen.dk/pages/ambassador