Sontex A/S – En af de sidste rundstrikkere, vi har i Danmark – FANTASTISK🏆🌍👕

Sontex A/S - One of the last circular knitters we have in Denmark - FANTASTIC🏆🌍👕 REMEMBER SOUND...

When I started HERO, in my 20 years as a product developer, I had never dealt with Danish manufacturers.

The fact that I now only work with Danish suppliers makes so much sense on countless levels.

They are talented 🏆
They are effective💪
They go up in quality, the same way I do🌍
There is closeness, in a completely different way🙏
They are close, and the personal meeting is a possibility (corona)🤝
We speak the same language😊
AND...they may well be included in terms of price💰

And when we talk about transparency, meeting all my suppliers in person is also a whole new world for me. Normally, the entire process would go through a "supplier" outside Denmark, who provides the entire package.

The fact that I can sit and geek out with a knitter about the quality I want is worth its weight in gold. And I hope that my future customers will experience the same when they use my qualities.

Hear Sonny talk about Sontex and the qualities we have chosen for HERO.
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May 10, 2021 — Rikke Ahlgreen Møller